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Inspector Guys have a proven record as experienced consultants and project managers in the Auckland and upper north island. Inspector Guys inspectors are all qualified as Chartered & Registered Building Consultants, Weathertightness Assessors, Construction Administrators and Timber Decay Specialists. With over 25 years worth of inspection experience our know how and efficiency is unrivaled. We understand what the key areas to inspect and carry out through comprehensive evaluations on properties. We provide multiple options for reports depending on the expedition from a same day written, easy to understand email report to a full scale printed paper printout which will help you make an informed decision.

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What other services can Inspector Guys House Inspections help you with?

  • Weather Tightness Reports
  • Council Compliance
  • Inspection of Workmanship
  • Advice on building problems
  • Reports for solicitors
  • Insurance Valuations

Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale House Inspections

  • Many buyers of real estate have found to their cost that the home or property they bought needed expensive repairs that were not apparent when they looked it over. They then have to pay out more than their loan to get the house to a safe standard. This can really ruin your budget for years to come, as you’re landed with unexpected additional debit. But with Inspectorguys such trauma does not have to accompany buying real estate, if you arrange for a pre-purchase building inspection with Inspector Guys! It is well worth the minimal cost of the inspection to save on the potentially cataclysmic cost of additional repairs.

    Our colleague Rob is happy to complete pre-sale building inspections in Auckland on any residential or low rise commercial property you are thinking about purchasing and supply a written record of what we find. This will provide peace of mind the your potential home is in really good condition before you buy it. We can provide you with the information quickly via email or paper form so there will be no hold-ups in settling the deal. Whether you are buying or selling, having that building inspection done will give you piece of mind when making the most important purchase of your life.

    Contact us for a same day house inspections in Auckland wide so that your purchase or sale can proceed without delay. We can provide an inspection report promptly for quick decision making.

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