Pre Purchase Inspection Reporting

When purchasing a house, it is vital that you are aware of its condition. Our Inspectors can provide you with a pre purchase condition report to help you in your decision-making.

New Zealand housing has been subjected to defects such as Leaky Building Syndrome, poor construction practices, questionable building materials, and faulty workmanship.

Often purchasers have minimal equity in the purchase of a house, which places undue reliance on the house requiring little or no repair work or maintenance to be carried out following the purchase, as there is often no money available to undertake these repairs.

This places the building owner, along with the financial institutions, in a vulnerable position which can result in either financial or property loss.

Our Inspectors are invaluable in assessing a house condition.

A pre-purchase/condition report involves the inspection of residential properties to identify and report on the condition of components, finishes, structure, systems and services of a property, as well as identifying defects and problems that might be present in the following areas:

Weathertightness: moisture testing + identification of of potential leak issues.

Exterior: cladding systems, weathertightness, foundations, windows, doors and timber finishing.

Interior: inspect each room to identify condition of floor, walls and ceiling, along with the presence of services and systems.

Under floor area: foundations, piles, timber framing, insulation, ventilation and ground moisture.

Roof space: structure, insulation, underside of roofing.

Roof: roofing materials, gutters and chimneys.

Services: plumbing, drainage, electrical and other specialist services may need to be referred to a specialist serviceman.

To arrange a  pre purchase inspection ring me directly on (Andy) 021 901190 (Gary) 027 2406740 or email me through this form.

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