Thermal Imaging

Thermal image photography as an invaluable tool in identifying building leaks:

Example 1 above; Internal Plasterboard wall and ceiling has a roof leak, which is not visible to the eye (left photo). When viewed with a thermal camera the roof leak was identified as shown in the dark colour in right photo.

Example 2; internal plasterboard wall has a leak from deck above and is identified in right photo showing leak in purple colour vertically beside window

Thermal imaging can also be used for although we have found accuracy inadequate normally 0-60%:

  • Locating moisture in homes, townhouses, units and apartment buildings, Virtually any building can be assessed particularly prior to purchase or on plaster clad dwellings
  • Thermographer has been trained for New Zealand conditions with a recognised NZ qualification.
  • General electrical and fault finding work for switchboards, fuse boxes, mains switches etc.
  • Thermal imaging is an enhancement to the building inspection process and helps a qualified inspector to scan large, high and difficult access areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Analysing heat loss & ventilation in homes for heating and air conditioning efficiency

Gary has this to say about the inaccuracy’s of Thermal imaging:

As we are professional registered Surveyors ( weathertightness experts- recognised by the council)

We do not use or rely on thermal imaging- thermal imaging was developed for the electrical industry.

We use the methodology which is proven and is more accurate

Non-invasive- is for surface use only and is indicative (difference between wet and dry)

Invasive- meters work on resistance and penetrate into the timber ( giving a more accurate indication) this will also give you an indication of the state of the timber behind.

Pre-purchase- Non Invasive, are  mainly used for pre-purchase to give guidance only- No guaranties. To completely identify moisture and damage linings will eventually have to be removed regardless of what equipment is used.

For us to help you further are you requiring the moisture readings for

  • For bank use
  • Bank report
  • Pre-purchase
  • Owner, and are you concerned regarding water penetration

Note if a bank is asking for thermal imaging they are wasting every body’s time and it proves nothing. We take the view that they should not be telling clients to get thermal imaging. It is certainly not the prudent way to verify the weathertightness state of the house. And they have no jurisdiction to request it as such.

We do hope we can help – have been involved with numerous dwellings in Auckland of which there are a significant amount with problems because of the time of construction mainly.

Garry Chalk MNZIBS

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